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ma’am im sorry but that baby was due today, i don’t care if its not done just turn in what you have

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if you ever feel bad about yourself, just remember that one time i had to fly with my cello so we bought it a seat

and it got upgraded to first class

without me

i hate being that guy who adds onto a text post but my dad is a cellist and he has to buy a seat for his cello every time he has to fly somewhere for a show and the cello has become such a valued customer for airlines that we regularly get mail addressed to “Cello Friesen” for airfare deals and stuff

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Promoing at the beach

Ancient Roman prostitutes did something similar, but usually they would have phalluses inscribed in their sandals. So, if you were ever in the mood, you could just look down and follow the dicks.

follow the yellow dick-road

I love history lessons on tumblr.
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what do you call a roomful of fungus?

a mushroom

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ok here’s something for you to do listen carefully

play this video but mute it

and then

open this one up but DO NOT have it muted

then play both videos and watch and feel emotions you’ve never felt before

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